How does it work?

By granting permission to the notification bar WimLow begins to search for all the information they publish about the applications you selected, processing it and showing it to you in a friendly and simple way, protecting it on your device so that you can review it when you are comfortable.
You can respond to notifications in a simple way without having to change applications. You can send any type of text, emojis or quick response.

What features does WimLow have?

* Organize all your chats in a single application.
* Agile, fast, without a complex interface that consumes a lot of resources.
* Possibility of answering messages without having to enter other applications.
* Integrated emoji keyboard.
* Quick answers, you can sort, delete or create your own.
* Display of sent images.
* Playback of sent audios.
* Day / night theme

What limitations does WimLow have?

All the information that is processed is that published in the notification bar, so it will not be possible to process chats that are muted or that are not shown in the notification bar.
It will be possible to respond to notifications that have a possibility of response, almost all chat applications have this possibility but there are some that do not have this possibility (Messenger Lite does not have this possibility. Normal Messenger if it can) so the response field will be disabled. .
The audios sent do not have a direct relationship with the notification, but an attempt will be made to carry out a search as close as possible, this may generate that it is not the precise audio of the notification but the search can be adjusted to find the indicated one.
When «Mark as read» the notification generated by WimLow will not mark the notification from the original application. To do this you will have to enter the WimLow notification, press the + button and then «Mark as read»