How does it work?

Install «Watch Droid Phone» on your phone
Install «Watch Droid Assistent» on the smartwatch

Verify that both devices have bluetooth enabled.
Open «Watch Droid Phone» and follow the steps of the assistant in configuration

I have frequent disconnections

* If your phone or smartwatch has the battery saving option activated, it is very likely that when the screen turns off the system will eliminate all connection services, causing most of the disconnections.
You have to exclude Watch Droid from the battery optimization system on your phone as well as on your smartwatch, otherwise it may be the cause of disconnections.
This video explains how to disable

* In the Samsung Galaxy not only has the battery optimization but they also have a memory optimization configuration, exclude Watch Droid also from there, this option is found in device care, entering an icon with a chip format, If it is not excluded there, when the screen turns off the smartwatch will disconnect.

* In Huawei or Xiaomi they have their own battery and memory saving system where you also have to exclude Watch Droid.
In addition you have to grant permissions in «Automatic start»
This option is found in Permissions => Autostart

* If your smartwatch has Android 7.1 or higher you have to deactivate the «Background cleaner» enter:
Settings> More> Background cleaner> off

There are times that notifications do not arrive

This happens for 2 reasons:
1) According to the phone manufacturer:

Xiaomi devices were not granted the «Auto Start» permission to the notification capture service.
To get it working again, you just have to give Watch Droid the automatic start permission again and re-grant the notification bar or restart the phone.
This option is found in Settings => Permissions => Autostart

 Huawei devices have not configured the manual launch of Watch Droid Phone in App Launch.
For this you have to enter Settings => Battery => App launch => Watch Droid Phone => Manage manually

2) If you have a memory or battery optimization application configured, it eliminates the notification service and it is not lifted again.
This can also happen after an update.
The option «Notification service» you will be able to determine if it is up and responding to requests, in addition to being able to send test notifications, verify if it has an active filter or why the notification is not sent.
If the two checkmarks are not activated the notification service is not active, to be activated again remove and re-grant the permissions of the notification bar as follows: